Dear customer,

on Friday April 22, 2016, our colocation provider, Internap, mistakenly shut power to our cabinet. Although they brought power back up, our core disk array appear to be damaged beyond repair. Currently, we are trying to determine how to recover the data. At this point, we have no ETA. We are very sorry for this service disruption.

We are able to restore incoming and outgoing email services as of April 25, 2016, 1 AM CDT. However, the most recent usable backup for the incoming mail server was from early 2015. Therefore, you will not be able to see messages from that time to last Friday unless it is locally cached in your email software. We are still working on recovering data from that time period. However, we will not know for certain until Tuesday, April, 26, 2015 when the additional data-recovery hardware we have ordered arrives. Meanwhile, we have temporarily disabled IMAP service to avoid causing some IMAP client software to automatically sync and thereby losing locally cached emails from early 2015 to the present.

Again, we apologize for the downtime and are continuing to work to fully restore services.